A Weekend Getaway With Brad Roemer

When your heart begins to palpitate as you open your eyes in the morning to a fresh new day, you should take it as a serious indication that you need a breather. Yes, work is highly important especially when you are first starting off your career, however that doesn’t mean your health should come second best. Listen to your body when it asks you to take a break from work on the weekend—because let’s be honest, you bring a lot of it back home—and venture off on a getaway with your loved ones. Bring back the romance you should have with nature. Go on a canoe ride on the water, read a book by the lake and step into the a collision of transformative experiences. Regain trust with your heart, body and soul and go on a getaway. You can decide whether you want to go on a solo trip, which believe it or not some of the most successful people in this world go on every once and a while. Think of Oprah Winfrey and her Arizona escapades where she nestles into her comprehensive experience spa and yogi day. Brad Roemer, a well-known realtor and owner in the city of Oakland takes a different approach. He uses stress-relieving long weekends to reconnect with his family. Oftentimes he will bring the kids, but when he doesn’t it’s because he decides to go on a romantic getaway with his wife.


Luxurious to Rustic Getaways to Fuel the Soul

His getaways will sometimes be luxurious with a full-blown spa experience and fine dining included away from the city. Other times they’ll take it back to basics with a quaint log cabin by the lake where they will minimally cook hot dogs, burgers and eat a fresh garden salad. In these spaces, there’s not much to do but to be with one another. However, Brad Roemer sometimes surprises his wife Juliette with an out-of-city experience. They recently flew all the way to Montreal, Quebec to get a taste of French culture without having to go to Paris. There were a few options on the line when choosing a hotel, such as Chateau Versailles, Hotel Place D’Armes and Hotel Le St-James. Each of these suites offered a remarkable experience of luxury where the couple can easily access the many Montreal summer festivals. From the Just for Laughs comedy to the Jazz Fest, Montreal sees a great slew of international folk.


Trendy Dates To Re-Ignite the Love

Now that you are given the highest, white-glove service at any one of the aforementioned hotels, it’s all about figuring out which date idea will best fit your companionship. One of the most touristic places is visiting the Botanical Gardens, especially during the springtime just in time for the budding cherry blossoms to paint the Montreal skyline. If you want to eat like a local, smoked meat at Schwartz’s or a jumbo hot dog and fries at Orange Julep are a must. The Roemer’s enjoyed a lovely Sunday brunch—a Montreal classic activity—right before their schedule plane ride back to Oakland at Le Passé Composé. They started off the date right with an early “it’s five o’clock somewhere” mentality and trespassed to the Nelligan rooftop terrasse before leaving for their plane.

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